Our mission is to bring personalization to everyone.

Twik is the only personalization platform that takes 1 minute to setup by implementing a single snippet to deploy GDPR-compliant pre-funnel profiling capabilities.
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What is Twik?

Twik is a cloud platform that tailors content and user experience (UX) according to each visitor’s demographical and behavioral data. It features tens of key performance indicators that you can target with based on real-time actions. Twik understands your objectives as a site owner and serves each of your users with personalized funnels designed to enhance their experience and increase conversions.


Uses a proprietary GDPR-compliant fingerprinting technology to anonymously target & re-target users without the use of cookies or local storage.

Automated personalization

Twik understands site structures, identifies objectives, and automatically displays best performing variants.

Prefunnel profiling

Unique capability to target users with demographical KPIs on their 1st pageview.

One-minute setup

Installation is simple, add a single JavaScript snippet to the tag.



Roi Sorezki

linkedin-logoFOUNDER, CEO

Roi has been involved in the internet optimization and marketing community since he was 13. As founder and CEO, Roi leads his unique vision as the driving force of twik, and keeps the highest quality level of our work.

Avi Goldfinger

linkedin-logoPARTNER, STRATEGY

Avi is an entrepreneur and investor with years of experience in the online marketing industry. As the Chief Strategist, Avi is flawlessly planning, developing, and sustaining twik’s corporate strategy.       

Yossi Gadol


Yossi is the tech engine that pushes twik forward, he’s a software developer, data architect, and systems engineer with almost 30 years of experience in developing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Dan Schamir


Dan Shamir, Chief Marketing Officer at twik, has over 20 years of experience in the online marketing field and has managed worldwide campaigns summing up to more than 1 billion dollars.

Navit Bar

linkedin-logoHEAD OF UX

Navit leads the compelling and creative experiences that strike a balance between the consumers' intent and the business's needs. She ensures that designated practices, annual products, consumer targets, and KPI's are met.

Stav Kaynar

linkedin-logoCOO / IR

Stav has an extensive background in private fundraising and project management. A former pilot for a global airline company, and an Air Force pilot. As COO, Stav is the entity that executes work plans and oversees business operations at twik.

Eric Dumain


With 20 years of experience, Eric is a digital business veteran. As an entrepreneur he has built and launched digital technologies in EMEA and the USA and is now twik’s VP of Europe, developing our vision and business in the territory.

Roman Horsun


Building the client-side of our web applications, Roman translates our company and customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications using React JS in an agile environment. 

Arthur Katz


Arthur is a creative UI/UX designer, he is passionate about his work, detail-oriented, and likes to solve visual problems. Arthur is gathering and evaluating user requirements and processing them into design ideas and interface elements.

Neta Kirschenbaum


Bringing great passion and advertising experience, Neta, our UX/UI specialist, can easily understand the customer's needs. She creates an innovative and creative design language with the utmost attention to minor details.

Ilan Belfer

Backend Developer

Ilan is an analytical, creative back-end developer at twik. He focuses on building a sharpened, more efficient program and creating a more seamless experience for users.

Roi Keren


Roi is a marketing specialist at twik. Roi overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, conducting research and analyzing data to identify and define the audience, and devising and presenting ideas and strategies      

Ginat Mazar

Administrative Manager

Ginat is responsible for day-to-day matters in the areas of human resources, legal and finance. Over this decade, Ginat has worked in managerial positions in organizations such as Bank Hapoalim and El Al, and has headed an association as its founder and director.

Diana Dror


Diana was previously an Accounting Manager at twik, but now participates in the company as a Customer Support Manager. Diana is the leading customer support at twik, translating technical language to our clients and ensures full customer satisfaction.          

Gonen Sheleg


Gonen is a dedicated and creative Full Stack Developer with years of experience in the field. He’s an avid problem solver with a unique perspective and has participated in leading startups from seed to success.

Reut Edvi


Reut studied industrial engineering with a specialization in information systems. She is an exceptional and beneficial part of twik’s TPS team and assists the customers by providing advanced technical tools in order to achieve their business goals.  

Michael Lipliansky

TPS / Data Scientist

Michael’s top priority is to ensure our users receive the support needed in order to maximize their business goals. Michael helps increase customer sales and conversion rates through analyzing clients data and turning it into action items.

Yonathan Ziderman

Marketing / Technical Analyst

Yonathan is an integral part of the development and execution of our marketing plans. Yonathan’s responsibilities vary from research to product promotion and brand awareness, whilst keeping an eye on our SEO strategy.

Ayal Lerner

Business Development

Ayal is a business developer, and is responsible for helping twik reach relevant prospects and financial growth. His duties include coordinating with our sales and marketing executives to improve the company revenue stream.

Shira Elfassy


Shira focuses on optimizing the technical and content aspects of our different channels. With an eye for quality content, her willingness to keep abreast of industry innovations and trends helps maintain the company prominence.

The market

Industry at a glance


of in-house marketers agree that website personalization is critical to current and future success (source: Econsultancy).


of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests (source: CMO).


of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests (source: CMO).


of companies say they don’t understand how to carry out website personalization. Common barriers are lack of technology or inability to translate data into action (source: Econsultancy).

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