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Increase revenue with Twik’s game-changing technology. The Solutions partner is perfect for content marketing agencies and PPC agencies.

Content marketing agencies will be able to personalize their offers with tailored content. PPC agencies will benefit from landing page personalization and Twik’s Ad Words extension.

If you are a content marketing agency, Twik’s Solution partner is perfect for you. Twik enables you to personalize your offers with tailored content. If you are a PPC agency, you’ll have the ability to personalize landing pages with Twik’s Ad Words extension

Technology partner

If your vision is to be the best in your field, watch Twik automate your marketing efforts in order to get more revenue with less effort.

Educational partner

Twik is partnered with educational institutions that train students in the online marketing industry. We offer these institutions a complete syllabus that can be embedded into different marketing and technology courses.

Institutions that are in partnership with Twik are provided with platform trial account tokens to be utilized by their students for the duration of their studies. Graduates are offered to subscribe at discounted fees, and the training institution can enjoy the benefit of ongoing payments from the graduates as a result of subscribing with the institution’s coupon code.

SEO Simple, a leading SEO company and a veteran in the hi-tech educational market with tens of courses over the past 20 years, sees the personalization automation market as an emerging field that should be taught and Twik is a pioneer in this market. Twik optimizes conversions of SEO Simple clients and students (CRO) and serving them with a tailored content and products that best suits visitors' needs. The added value that Twik presents is second-to-none with a cutting edge technology and a proven track record of success.
Jacki Soiks
Business Development Manager, SEO Simple
"As a content-based marketing agency, it was only natural to collaborate with the best content-based optimization technology. Working with Twik is a tremendous advantage for MYD – Twik allows us to provide our clients with a better understanding of their clients’ needs and wants and their purchase behaviors. As a result, it allows us as MYD, to provide them with much targeted, customized and personalized content, to increase conversion."
Maya Kaufman

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