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Twik is a single-page application. Its dashboard is made of all the components necessary to segment and analyze different types of recorded data. These include the side panel navigation, overview period (timeframes & granularity of the selected ranges, ‘resolutions’), graphs and table data. When shifting to edit mode, the graphs and table data will be replaced by our editor.
Dashboard & BI


Compare ‘control’ vs. ‘test’ performance results across different KPIs, on different timeframes, with split line-charts, visualizing the effects of twik expreminets on your site visits.

KPIs (Metrics)
  • Each selected KPI will be represented as a different color-line on the graph
  • Hovering on a line-keyframe will display a pop-up with the performance of that KPI for the specific time-keyframe
  • Graph pop-ups display the total amount for a specific KPI along with Test/Control data and the change-factor (performance increase/decrease percentage between eligible test/control)
Funnel targeting

Side panel navigation

Use our side-panel to navigate between the different platform views (Pages, Variants, Audiences and Selectors) for both editing and BI purposes.

Funnel targeting

Timeframe & resolution

Use the datepicker to see results from a certain time frame under specific resolutions (ie. Hourly or Daily). The graphs and table willl change according to the timeframe and resolution you choose.

Dashboard & BI

Data tables

Our data tables enable you to view the performance of all entities throughout all KPIs. In the charts section, you can choose any measurement KPIs to include in the chart/table. This will enable you to get a quick and detailed view of the performance of your experiments with either audiences, selectors, variants or pages on the chart.


Twik enables you to filter and segment your data using the following filters: Behavioural KPIs (i.e. Bounce Rate, CTR, Conversion Rate). Demographic / Psychographic KPIs (i.e. Age, Gender, Interests). Connections to other entities (ie. a cross-reference between a page and a specific audience.

Column Management

Select which KPIs you wish to display in the data-tables.


View table data in site-statistics mode (all recorded traffic), Control (showing only ‘Eligible Test’ users that were not presented with an alternate variant), or Test (only users who seen an alternate version of the page).


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